How can a coach help me?

Are you wondering how a coach can help with your situation?

A coach comes alongside you and bridges the gaps in your healing journey.

Let's say the doctor says you need to lower your A1C by eating 90 grams of carbs a day. OK. No biggie- until you try that for seven days straight and discover you NEED carbs to make it through stressful times. (True story- that's what happened to me.)  

Or let's say, you struggle with anxiety.  Intense anxiety that flips on at all the wrong times and you don't know how to stop it. (My story again).

How about this one, you get sad, discouraged even angry when life or people don't give you what you want (and you have a deep-down knowing that it's an unreasonable reaction to the situation).  (Me again).

I struggled for years until I realized that I needed a holistic (mind, body, and emotion) approach to my health.

And that made all the difference.

I do the same for my clients.  I listen to them. Together we co-create a plan of action.  

Action steps for ...

Help reducing stress from a cray-cray co-worker, difficult marriage or family problem, health issues that aren't getting better, you get the idea.

Natural solutions for anxiety and referrals for when a licensed counselor may be needed.

Working with your physician(s), not in place of them.


Coaching Services that teach, encourage, and support with the "how-to" for improving health, reducing stress, and relieving anxiety.

Personalized.  Intuitive.  Simple Steps.


Products & Services

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Self-Paced Products

The action guide is easy to read and simple to follow.

The advanced online e-course goes deeper with more anxiety-relieving tools and techniques for healing a painful past.

Friends Having Coffee

1:1 Private Coaching

From a Simple Start 4- week program to a powerful 12-week Transformation.

You chose.  You're in control.


Regain your health.

Change your life.

Now, it's your time.

I meeting my clients where they are and guiding them to where they want to be in an easy low-stress way.

It all starts with a complimentary g etting-to-know-you Stress-Less Strategy Session

We'll hop on a call.  You'll share your most pressing life or health issues and goals.  I'll share what working together to meet your goals will look like.


Schedule yours now. 

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