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Summer Wellness 
Challenge and Program

The survey is over but the challenge is about to begin.  

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A FREE 8-Day Wellness G.R.O.W. Challenge will start things off.

Goal + Current Reality + Options (or obstacles) + Will (or way forward) = Wellness Growth!


The Wellness G.R.O.W. challenge will help you target an area of your health that you want to grow in or improve.


During the FREE 8-day challenge, I’ll provide 4 live teachings, 4 homework assignments, and daily Q & A.  All this will happen in a pop-up (short-term) private Facebook group.  


For those who want to keep the momentum going and get personalized coaching, I’ll open up the 4-week summer Wellness Program at the end of the challenge.  (More details on the challenge and group coaching program are coming soon).


By the way …


The challenge prepares the way for the program. The challenge gives you a quick win for meeting a small goal (doable in 7-10 days).


The group coaching program expands learning and practice and includes plenty of support, and helpful resources too so new habits turn into a new way of living.