How Would Things CHANGE If You Could

 Take Your LIFE Back From Stress, Anxiety, and Emotional Pain? 


Join me for the Stress Less SOS eCourse

 A simple way to start taking your life back from stress and its damaging effects.

 In this easy-to-follow 7-day ecourse, you'll learn simple strategies that

 promote peace, give you hope, and determination so

you can begin taking control of stress and enjoy your life.

Is This You?

>You've had enough of the same struggles, the same reactions to and ways of dealing with those issues that are ...

  • Compounding your anxiety

  • Draining your energy

  • Keeping you in a state of dis-ease

>You are ready for your life to be different and you're determined to become the best version of YOU.  

Well, how about we do something about it?

Let's be open and transparent (authentic and real). 


For whatever reason ...


...(it could be because of past trauma, something hurtful or tragic happened in childhood, a painful memory that lingers, your hormones are out of whack, it's your personality, your genes)- whatever the reason-

you can't figure out a different way and you're stuck in a destructive (or fearful) pattern that sabotages one or more areas in your life.

It's TIME to CHANGE all that!

I'm here to share with you- there's a better way to handle stress. 

You CAN take back your life from the negative effects of stress.   

From the dis-ease
From the racing heart 
From the inability to fall or stay asleep      
From the mind that is constantly replaying the past

and other symptoms of chronic stress.

It’s time you stop setting yourself up for failure by sabotaging your efforts and
standing in your own way.

I've heard your SOS and I'm giving you the tools and help to use --

Stress Less.

You bring the willingness, expectancy, and commitment. 


(A big dose of determination would be great too.)


I'll educate, encourage, and empower you with tools you can use to jumpstart your way to living your best life NOW!  

Stress Less SOS eCourse




“Missy, I just wanted you to thank you for what you've shared. I so needed this! I couldn't figure out how to get unstuck.  I knew I need to better handle things that stressed me out... I just couldn't catch my breath enough to figure it out.” — Stephanie

"I'm beyond appreciative, thankful, and grateful that God brought this information my way!"  — Allison

"I can't put into words how much you have helped me and I appreciate all that we've done together."  — Janie

Hi!  I'm Missy.

I help women reclaim their physical, mental, and emotional health by teaching them how to conquer stress and heal from emotional pain so they can feel energized, focused, and whole again.