Positive Power Proclamations!

By signing up below, you'll receive your very own Positive Power Proclamation template.  It's an easy to use template with simple instructions to get you started right away with getting your thoughts in line with what you truly want out of life.

Positive proclamations help us to focus our thoughts, words, and eventually our feelings & emotions on our desired dreams and goals.

They also help us re-write old learned habits and unhealthy behavior that keeps us stuck in self-defeating patterns.

Our mind hears what we say and believes what it hears.  Then works behind the scenes to give us what we say.  “I can’t lose weight.” “I’m a failure.” “I can never do anything right.”  Sound familiar?

That’s why saying positive power proclamations are so very important for changing our behavior.

It’s ok if your proclamations aren’t true yet- say them anyway! 

Speaking your proclamations helps your thoughts, words, and actions line up with what you are saying… eventually leading to healthy habits and desired change.

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I help women reclaim their physical, mental, and emotional health by teaching them how to conquer stress and heal from emotional trauma so they can feel energized, focused, and whole again.

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