The Number One Thing You Must Do to Fight Fatigue and Reduce Stress

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Tired all the time? Check your stress levels.

Stress- from either external situations or internal thoughts or issues with the thyroid, hormones, or adrenals - can play a significant role in fatigue.

There's a whole sciencey part (I love the sciencey stuff) about how we have a reserve or storehouse of nutrients (hopefully) from what we eat and the high-quality supplements we take.

If you're not eating enough veggies, fruit, healthy sources of protein, and healthy fats, my blog, Master The Skills Of Healthy Eating And Be Successful!, can help you to get started.

Nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) like DHEA, vitamins E, C, Bs, & D, and magnesium are building blocks our body uses to create our hormones, perform regular bodily functions, and so much more.

Physical, mental, and emotional stress- in excess and not relieved appropriately - depletes our storehouse or bank account of nutrients.

Overall, the bulk of evidence suggests stress can affect micronutrient concentrations, often leading to micronutrient depletion. -Adrian Lopresti

Here's the good news! We can do something about it. We can take simple steps that promote more energy.

Let me share something that's often overlooked.

Besides eating healthy foods and talking therapeutic supplements as needed, we also need to "feed" our soul and spirits.

I'll clarify. We are made up of three parts. We live in a body, have a spirit, and a soul.

Of course, the body is what we see. But it is also the bodily systems like the endocrine system (heavily hit by chronic unresolved stress) and all the way down to our mitochondria— the creators of energy.

Our spirits are the part of us that commune with God and experience peace, joy, and love in the deepest part of us.

The soul is our mind, will, and emotions.

We can't focus on just one area. Giving each what it needs is vital to the healing process. We need a holistic (body, spirit, soul) approach.


Let's take a quick look at ways to relieve fatigue naturally.

What I share below are foundational - essential - necessary - steps for relieving fatigue naturally. These steps are general guidelines.

  1. Eat healthily, manage stress, take therapeutic-type supplements, as needed. ->BODY

  2. Address emotional issues, enjoy life, focus on what's right. -> SOUL

  3. Cultivate a positive hope-filled attitude, spend quality time with God, grow spiritually -> SPIRIT

There's no need to get overwhelmed by that list. Take baby steps. Focus on one area or thing at a time. Start small and pick something doable.

Small healthy habits over time produce big results.

You may be thinking- that's a lot! Yes and no. Maybe all of those don't relate to you. They did to me. I didn't change everything overnight. I took one area and 'leveled up' (my word for 2020) and made changes. I created and started healthy habits that, over time, really did add up.

Was I 100% perfect? Not at all. In fact, unfortunately, I was a perfect example of what not to do. Because I wasn't consistent (my word for 2021) or wouldn't push through when I hit a barrier then I'd default back to old comfortable habits.

As my health continued to deteriorate, I realized I couldn't keep doing the same things over and over, thinking I'd eventually get better.

I made the decision to change.

And that leads me to the number one thing that will reduce fatigue and boost energy.


The number one thing you must do to fight fatigue and reduce stress is to … decide.

Make a decision to change.

Decide to change what you've been doing that got you to this point. And start doing what's going to get you the results you so desperately desire.

I know. Many of you don't want to read that. It's like when a baby spits out the good-for-her foods and only wants all the yummy squash, apples, and sweet foods.

However, everything we do -- starts with a decision.

Right now, why not decide that you will make some changes.

Just 1- 3 small changes. Eat more veggies. Walk more. Forgive. Take a social media break*.

Could you do that?

At first, I didn't think I could. For example, I never, ever, ever (insert 100s of "evers" here) thought I could give up caffeine. Never. But I did.

I noticed that caffeine made my fatigue worse. I knew that it was time to reduce the caffeine and see if it made a difference. And it did—a huge difference.

I started slow. At first, I did ½ cup of regular black tea with a ½ cup of naturally decaf tea. (I do tea instead of coffee. My coffee ends up being a dessert).

I noticed a slight improvement. After some time, I went down to ¼ cup and experienced a little more improvement, then I went down to ⅛ cup until finally, I let it go completely. Now, I'm careful with how much naturally decaffeinated tea I drink. Each 8oz cup has 5 mg of caffeine. So far, so good.

What's your next step? Can you think of something you need to change?

Will you decide to let go of old habits that aren't helping?

Let's Review

  1. Chronic unresolved stress depletes our storehouse of nutrients.

  2. Taking a holistic (body, spirit, and soul) approach promotes better health.

  3. Making a decision to change what you've been doing is the #1 thing (first step) to fight fatigue and reduce stress.

Carpe Diem (make the most of the present time)

Here are some steps you can do -- right now.

  1. Let go of old habits and create new healthy habits.

  2. Start small. Pick something doable.

  3. Work with a holistic medical professional(s) as needed.

To help you get started…

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Here’s to your health!

🦋 Missy

My mission is to educate, encourage, and empower you to

make health-promoting decisions so you can take back your life and health from stress.


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Body-> Life Extension's Two-per-Day Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement (on sale through 2/1/21)

Spirit-> Joyce Meyer: The Process of Change

Soul-> Jim Rohn: It All Starts With A Decision To Make A Change In Your Life

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