Speak Your Truth, But What If You Are Wrong?



Let me explain.

When my nurse practitioner agreed to write me a prescription for a natural thyroid medicine for the hypothyroidism (low thyroid) I was experiencing, she said, "you'll probably not get any better. You may continue to be tired all the time. But this may help," and shrugged her shoulders.

She was wrong about me not feeling better.

She was wrong about ...

  • The fact that I had anxiety that flipped into the 'on' position, and I couldn't turn it off.

  • My hair continually falling out and thinning. (Thank you, Ancient Nutrition & Multi-Collagen Protein!!)

  • The crippling fatigue that kept me from not living the life I loved.

I rewrote my story. I took my health into my hands, took healthy-promoting life-changing action, and now I'm better.


It's a little fussy. It's a screenshot from my computer.

Here's my truth.

I was bedridden from crippling fatigue. Now I'm not.

I used to focus on all that was wrong with my life. Now I don't.

Anxiety was an automatic response to something stressful. Now it's not.

I had anxiety on such an intense level- I made others around me nervous. My cat could even feel my anxiety. Yet, in my mind, I wasn't scared. I wasn't fearful. I didn't have social anxiety. I had an automatic response triggered by stress.

An Automatic. Response. A physical reaction to stress.


So what about you?

Let me ask you, the truth that you are speaking to and about yourself - is it really true- like forever true? Will you always be _______ (< insert yours)?

How do you know what your truth is? Who told you it was true? Who are you listening to that solidifies what you think as truth?

If you were wrong, would you want to know?

You may know the truth about your past or your current situation, but do you know the truth about your potential?

The potential to heal?

The potential to feel better?

The potential to be better?

In his sermon, Trading Truth, Pastor Steven Furtick talks about being "above see level." He was referring to a mountain, and yes, it was above sea level. But in the sermon that inspired this blog/article, he made the point of "see" level- regarding what we accept as truth or not.

He went on to say that many of us are looking in the "rearview mirror and are about to wreck in the face of their [our] future." [insert mind blown emoji right here]

Did you catch that? When we continually look at our past hurts, mistakes, traumas, truths- we (probably) will wreck our future. Meaning we won't experience all the potential good.

"I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." -Philippians 3:13-14

Do you want to stay stuck in an old story rather than embrace a new truth?

Don't settle for depression, anxiety, fatigue, Diabetes, other stress-related health conditions, etc.

"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

-John 8:32

What you trust in- may be true to you- but not Truth.

We think we know the truth. Maybe from what was told to us- you'll never, you'll always.

So we believe it-> I'll never, I'll always.

It's not true. It's just part of our story.

"Sometimes we can live in a story so long we become a slave to it. Have you become a slave to your own story to the extent it's now become your truth?" - Pastor Steven Furtick

Have you told yourself a story (maybe to survive or make it through) that wasn't true- but you've said it so long you now believe it?

Sometimes our lies become truer than our truths.

I'll never, I'll always, I can't, I won't, I could never ...

If what you're telling yourself or have been told becomes true for you, you'll stay stuck in a reality of your own making- that's not true. It's a story.

A fictitious story that someone started writing, and you picked up where they left off.


Pastor Steven Furtick also asked, "could you be standing between two truths? One is the old story. The way you've always seen yourself," the way your circumstances are, your health (physical or emotional) as it is now.

And the other the new story? The potential of what could be?

Ya know, if I had stayed stuck in my story- I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now. You wouldn't be reading this.

I would be stuck complaining and griping about how unfair everything and everyone around me is, how miserable I felt, how he or she did what to me. If they would just. If God would just.

What "if the story you've been telling yourself about why you are, where you are, what you can and what you can't…" is what is keeping you stuck, holding you back? What if it's all because of the story you- continue- to tell yourself?

Is it time for you to challenge and change your old stories? So the Truth, not what you thought was your truth, can set you free.

God wants to set you free.

You don't have to believe the lies anymore. You don't have to continue the story you were handed. You can write a new chapter or a new story, like I did, and others have.

Here are a few of my old stories

The First Time I Ran Away (I was five) - story

The Last Time I Physically Ran Away (I was 14- but then kept running on the inside)- story

Not Enough Money- story

Three Outfits in a Walmart Bag (Me and my children packed three outfits each into Walmart bags and went to live in a friend's spare bedroom at the urging of a kind policeman regarding an angry ex-husband.) - story

A Cinderella 'Not Happily Ever After' (until we changed)- story

I have different stories now.

Sadness to Success -story

Mess to Message -story

And more

Again, what about you?

How about letting go of old stories that aren't moving you in the direction you want your life to go?

Carpe Diem (make the most of the present time)

Here are some steps you can do -- right now.

  1. Exam your truth. Is there room for a potential new truth?

  2. If yes, decide to change / rewrite your story. Write a new chapter by taking health-promoting action. (Like practicing positivity instead of negativity. Seeking help. Eating more veggies and less processed foods. Do something healthy for your specific situation.)

  3. Listen to uplifting encouraging messages like the ones below under "resources".

To help you get started ...

Part of changing our stories begins with changing the words we speak about ourselves.

Grab my FREE Power Proclamations Template

(^ click the link then scroll to the bottom of the page)

and use it to help you re-write your story.


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Trading Truth | Pastor Steven Furtick

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