POWERFULLY Effective Supplement for Stress ...

Updated: Jul 2

... (and fatigue and anti-aging and so much more)

How could a supplement help with stress? Well, as I'll explain in more detail below, chronic or ongoing stress depletes our body's storehouse of nutrients. These are vital nutrients needed for daily functions.

Digestion, fertility, energy levels, emotion and mental health, and other important bodily functions are all affected by ongoing stress.

Let’s take a quick look at stress.


Medicinenet.com defines stress as ...

“Stress: In a medical or biological context stress is a physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. Stresses can be external (from the environment, psychological, or social situations) or internal (illness, or from a medical procedure). Stress can initiate the "fight or flight" response, a complex reaction of neurologic and endocrinologic systems.”

Stress can be either good stress (eustress) or bad stress (distress).

Long-term unresolved stress can negatively affect our mind, body, and soul if not handled properly.


Chronic stress leads to health issues.

There are numerous health issues related to chronic and/or unresolved stress.

Fatigue, anxiety, Diabetes 2, digestion issues and other health issues are produced in part, by chronic - ongoing stress.

How? Again, in a nutshell, stress depletes our bodies of vital nutrients.

Think of Audrey II, the plant in Little Shop of Horrors who said: “Feed me, Seymore, feed me!”

Stress depletes stores of NAD+, magnesium, B vitamins, Vitamin C, and Omega 3s to name a few.

While I believe whole foods should be our first choice for getting the nutrients our body needs, I also believe in using targeted supplements -- as needed -- to supply what’s missing from our diets.


Nicotinamide Riboside is a highly absorbable bioavailable supplement that boosts levels of NAD+.

What is NAD+?


According to LIFE Extension magazine, NAD+ “is a compound found in every living cell and is critical for cell energy production. Hundreds of different proteins in each cell require NAD+ to work properly.”

Modern scientists consider NAD+ to be the “fountain of youth”. Lowers levels of NAD+ contribute to signs of fatigue, aging, chronic inflammation, obesity, and more.

Why do higher levels of NAD+ matter?

Higher levels of NAD+ lead to good health and lower health issues.

Lower levels of NAD+ can increase age-related degenerative diseases like Diabetes 2, problems sleeping, metabolic diseases, cognitive issues, and cardiovascular disease.

How can I boost NAD+?

Foods like milk, fish, mushrooms, and green vegetables boost levels of NAD+ as does lower alcohol consumption, fasting, and exercising.