Ocusleep Product Review

Recently, I was contacted by Ocusleep, makers of Ocusleep glasses, and asked if I would review their product. So, for the last couple of weeks, I've been giving them a try. Here's how they have worked for me.


Ocusleep glasses help to block the light coming from our electronic devices like our phones and tablets. The bright and, most importantly, direct light coming from our devices directly into our eyes- inhibits melatonin production - the sleep-promoting hormone our body makes to help us fall asleep.

Wear your Ocusleep™ glasses 2 hours before you go to sleep. Once you put them on, your brain will begin releasing natural melatonin and you should feel tired at your natural bedtime. While wearing your Ocusleep™ glasses, you can do all of your normal evening activities. -Ocusleep

I knew looking at my phone or tablet right before bed could affect my sleep. However, I have several books I enjoy reading at night on my tablet. In addition, I check the weather, stay in touch with my adult children, and visit a few Facebook groups. You get the idea.

I really enjoyed knowing that wearing the Ocusleep glasses while I was using my phone or tablet was actively helping my body with melatonin production.

I'll be honest, seeing orange (which is my least favorite of all the colors) took some time getting used to. However, on the bright side (or practicing positivity), I knew I was doing something healthy.

It did not take long to forget about the orange color while reading Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick. I love how he writes. It even worked on social media or texting. I soon forgot about the color difference.

Ocusleep has more information on its website. I loved reading about their story of how it all got started. Ocusleep glasses were created by eye doctors. But more importantly, they are parents. They created the glasses when they noticed that the prolonged time spent on devices affected their children's sleep. You can read more about it here.

The glasses came boxed with an instruction card and a cleaning cloth. They are lightweight and are available in prescriptions too.


Honestly, that's hard to say. I've been proactively taking steps to get restorative sleep for years. However, I did notice the peace I felt from wearing the Ocusleep glasses. Because, I knew they were promoting sleep, not hindering my body's natural process.

For years I've known about how staring at devices at night can affect one's sleep. I just hadn't got around to buying any light blockers or special glasses.

In fact, I had limited my time on my phone or tablet- until I started using Ocusleep glasses. Now I can go back to reading my Kindle and Google Play books!

I also experienced a sense of calm while wearing them. Maybe it was from the lack of worrying about the light from the device. Because, I don't think the company promotes a calming effect on their website. :)

I think they are a great new addition to my bedtime routine to ensure that I fall asleep fast and stay asleep throughout the night and allowing me to use my phone or tablet more.

I appreciate the opportunity to do a product review for Ocusleep. You can buy them here.

Remember, they come in prescription too.

Carpe Diem (make the most of the present time)

Here are some steps you can do -- right now.

  1. Read Ocusleep's tips for falling asleep naturally.

  2. Practice the sleep-promoting tips.

  3. Check out Ocusleep's glasses and see if they are right for you.

To help you get started… The last lesson in my Stress Less SOS Action Guide is all about getting Restorative Sleep. It's available on Kindle and paperback from Amazon. Pick yours up now.

Here’s to your health!

🦋 Missy

Missy Rankin, CTNC, CHC

Certified Transformation (Life & Health) Coach

Certified Hormone Coach



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