How to Start Healing Painful Emotions

Updated: Dec 29, 2020



I’m doing a beta test for my emotional healing program. I love testing it in different stages of development because it lets me know what needs tweaked- added, deleted, and moved around.

This past week I saw a need to take a deep dive into healing. Physical, emotional, and spiritual healing from a faith-based perspective.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding healing. Part of the misunderstanding is that we forget that we are a tri-part being.

We are made of our spirit, soul, and body.

Our spirits live in a natural body. Jesus’ death on the cross saved our spirit-person.

The soul is our emotions, thoughts, and our will.

Our bodies are made up of organs as well as chemical messengers that impact our emotions.

There are three areas of healing.

1. Spiritual

2. Physical

3. Emotional

God can use any number of ways to bring about the healing we need.

1. Supernatural- Jesus’ stripes before the cross, a touch from God, Communion, Anointing oil, the Word (Bible), and so on.

2. Natural- Healthy foods, herbs, supplements, obedience to what God is saying to us, etc.

3. Medical -Pharmaceutical, surgery, rehabilitation, and more.

Healing starts with the redemptive work that came from the beatings (stripes) Jesus bore and His death on the cross. He paid the price for sin (supernatural/spiritual) that we couldn’t. We can’t add to what he did for us.

With that said, there are times when our soul (mind, will, and emotions) or body needs healing too. Physical and emotional healing may require us to start making healthy choices and stop making unhealthy choices.

Our physical or emotional healing may also require outside sources of help like medications, supplements, professional medical assistance, or nutrition foods, etc.

Keep in mind some traumas will require a multifaceted approach. Helpful tools like Limbic System retraining and neurotransmitter support are often needed to get us to a level where we can make proactive healthy choices.

Always seek medical attention as needed.

Let’s look at a simple way to start your emotional healing journey.

How to Start Healing Painful Emotions

God has a plan for every area of our lives.

We start healing painful emotions by praying and seeking Him for wisdom, guidance, and direction for our healing, then obeying by following what He shows us to do.