Boundaries and Acceptance Can Relieve Stress


Have you ever known what to do yet you just aren't doing it? Or maybe you know something needs to change but you're ignoring it- hoping things will change?

Maybe your health is suffering and looking back you can trace it to a stressful event or ongoing- chronic stress. Maybe you might not know where to start or be overwhelmed.

That's OK. There's no judgment here. No right or wrong answers. I get it. We're passionate about something. We want to help others. We want to serve, teach, support, or lead others- yet we don't practice the very things that got us to where we are or that we know to do.

Or maybe we were so laser-focused on fulfilling the call on our live/ living our dream that we neglected to take care of ourselves in the process.

It's so very important to be proactive with practicing stress relief. Try these and let me know what you think (or really how you felt) in the comments below.

Let's explore three simple essentials of relieving stress-- restorative self-care (bonus), acceptance, and boundaries.


First up is restorative self-care. What is “restorative" self-care you may be asking?

Well, you probably know what self-care is. It’s where you bathe, brush your teeth, eat food, and get some sleep. The basics.

Restorative self-care takes basic self-care to another level.

RESTORATIVE: adjective- having the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well-being. "the restorative power of long walks"
noun- something, especially a medicine or drink, that restores health, strength, or well-being.

Practicing restorative self-care is what you do for yourself to create a sense of calm, peace, happiness, joy, strength, and well being.

Examples of restorative self-care are taking a relaxing candlelit bath in Epsom salt and essential oils (be sure to drink plenty of water before an Epsom salt bath. Also, be care with essential oils in the bath. Read this article first), or drinking a cup of herbal tea while relaxing in your favorite chair, or even sitting in a quiet place and dreaming a future that is full of hope.

It's also letting go of the "shoulds" and the guilt that usually comes with taking care of ourselves.

How about taking a few minutes and think about what you can do today that will make you happy. Bring a smile to your face. Give you a much-needed break and rest.

Then do it.


Now onto acceptance.

If we've gone too long in a stressful state, sometimes the reality of our situation is that we'll experience challenges in our health that will limit us.

We can remember the good 'ole days when we could do all that we wanted and needed to do. We ‘forget’ that we have or are experiencing health challenges when we're focused on completing a task or goal.

Strange how disconnected we can become from our own bodies, right?

Our minds are on the task at hand until the body has to send out louder signals (pain, fatigue, weakness, etc) to get us to stop and take a break or make changes.

The reality of my situation is that … Lyme Disease (specifically Bartonella), Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia are challenges for me. I have pain from my head to my feet on most days and at various degrees. Yet I would still push myself to do more than I should. Blocking out the fact that I have limits.