A Simple Way to Set and Meet Goals that Helps to Reduce Stress and Relieves Anxiety

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Terri Savelle Foy, in her 90-day devotional, Live Your Dreams, tells the story of the Hospice nurse, Bronnie Ware.

As Bronnie cared for her dying patients, she notice a common theme- regret.

Terri goes on to give a powerful quote by Myles Monroe, "The wealthiest place in all the world is the graveyard." He explains that graveyards are where books and songs were never written, business never started.

I'll add to the above restored health was never achieved.


When the nurse practitioner gave me my thyroid prescription she said, "I gotta let you know. All this (referring to my symptoms I had described to her) may never get any better." I looked at her and acknowledged I heard her- but on the inside I refused to let that sink into my spirit.

I knew the human body was designed to heal. I knew God was a healer.

Over time, I realized the old way of doing things (unhealthily habits) weren't working.

I kept studying, learning, and improving. Creating new healthily habits.

My healing journey is what evidently led me to go back to school and become a certified health coach so I could learn more for my healing but also so I could help others.

You can read more about my health crisis here. I'm still walking out my healing journey. I am getting better and better. I look forward, with hope, to greater healing to come.

Don't settle for "you may not get any better." Do all you need to do. Don't come to the end of your life regretting that you didn't pursue the dream or vision in your heart.

Regret over what we should or shouldn't have done is avoidable.


Have you ever had a dream (vision or desire) and you just didn't know where to begin to make it a reality?

Or maybe you've tried and failed.

I think we all have.

I used to get tripped up, trying to plan out my goals. I would get confused with all the ways to set goals and break them down into practical, do-able tasks. So I'd give up and just make a daily to-do list that went on forever.

Or when I made a goal, I'd pick something that I didn't fully realize the work involved and would try to meet it (using old habits and unhealthy patterns)- only to end up frustrated that 'it' wasn't happening. And give up.

Sound familiar? If yes, keep reading - I'll share a simple way to set - and meet - goals this year.

First, let's talk about why goals are important. Goals are like road maps. They help guide you on a path to where you WANT to go.

Have you ever set out for a job interview and weren't sure of the office's location? Instead of looking it up on Google Maps, you say, "I'll wing it." You sort of have an idea of where the office is located. So, you get in your car, and off you go- driving around and around, passing the same buildings.

You don't make the interview. Don't get the job.

It's the same way with goals, dreams, and visions you have for your life. Goals help you fulfill the dreams in your heart for your health, finances, relationships, and more.

Now, let's take a brief look at what is involved with meeting goals.

  1. Positive Hopeful Attitude

  2. Consistency

  3. Discipline

Those are pretty self-explanatory.

However, I think many people get tripped up believing that what they dream will ever come true. There's goes #1. Positive hopeful attitude

Strike one.

Or they start off with a desire and dedication for doing what's necessary to get what they want. Yet, over time, they forget new habits and go back to old ones. Mark through #2. Consistency

Strike two.

Finally, after making a few changes like- eating more veggies or carving out time to have fun - they end up thinking, "It too hard! I want to eat what I want to eat. Or, I have too much to do." And go back to old habits.

Strike three. Discipline

Another year, decade, or a lifetime of dreams and goals… not fulfilled.

Enter regret and stress and anxiety over knowing we should be doing something but are stuck.

But here's the good news! It doesn't have to be that way.

Small steps over time, produce big results.

Did you know that when we get a 'win,' it motivates us to keep going? To keep doing what's necessary to get what we truly want.

  • Goals can help keep a person on track toward consistent* weight loss.

  • Dreams turned into goals open doors that lead to emotional health and wellness.

  • Simple small goals move us forward. More peace. Less anxiety. Enjoying our life.


So if setting and meeting goals have been a struggle for you, how about going for a quick win. Pick a small doable goal. Something realistic that you know you can do.

Succeeding at one simple goal will motivate you to pick another, then another, and then you're off and probably loving or at least willing to set more goals and Dream Big!

How does having a vision for your life, setting and reaching goals tie into less stress? Simple.

Having a vision for what you want promotes hope.

Goals give you something to focus on. Strive toward. Purpose. A sense of accomplishment once you meet a goal.

A positive, hopeful attitude moves our focus off of what's wrong in our lives and onto what could be.

Consistency and discipline promote a sense of self-worth. You'll be proud of yourself for sticking with something and seeing it through.

Start small.

Let's Review

  • A quick win can motivate us to keep going.

  • Pick a small doable goal and go for it.

  • Chose something you think you'll be able to do.

Remember, a positive hope-filled attitude is essential for completing goals.

Consistency & discipline are keys for success.

Carpe Diem (make the most of the present time)

Here are some steps you can do -- right now.

  1. What do you want to accomplish today or this week?

  2. What small action step can you see yourself committing to and staying with to make the above happen?

  3. What preparations do you need to make before starting?

To help you get started, sign up for the 7-Day Stress Less SOS ecourse.

The ecourse contains simple, practical, proven steps you can start doing TODAY to help get your stress under control and meet your health goals.

Honestly, though, I know some of my readers may be too overwhelmed or discouraged even to sign up for the course -- much less go through the simple action steps each day.

How do I know this?

Because, at the height of my own health crisis (caused by years of stress and poor nutrition habits), I knew I needed to take steps to manage my stress and get my life back…

But I was just so discouraged and overwhelmed, that I couldn’t even face getting up off the couch to try to get help.

So I really do understand if stress is crippling you right now…

But promise me something, ok?

Promise me you’ll at least try to take the first step and sign up for the Stress Less SOS eCourse.

The Stress Less SOS ecourse has seven mini-lessons to help you get started reducing stress, relieving anxiety, and jumpstarting you on your way to meeting your health goals.

Here’s a glimpse at the topics covered.

Day 1- Rest & Breath

Day 2- Thoughts & Words

Day 3- Goals & Motivation

Day 4- The Fuel That Keeps Us Going

Day 5- Move

Day 6- Power of Nutrition

Day 7- Support & Guidance

Ready? Let’s get started.

Click here to sign up for the 7-Day Stress Less SOS ecourse.

Here’s to your health!

🦋 Missy

It is my goal to teach, encourage, and empower you to make health-promoting decisions so you can take back your life and health from stress and emotional pain.

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Live Your Dreams

Big Faith Big Dreams

Sometimes my very best is only my weakest yes. You see strength in every movement. Baby steps and short breaths. Anything is progress.

- Oxygen by Steffany Gretzinger

*If everything is working correctly in a person's body, then the simple rule of less food plus more movement (eat less than you use) should, over time, produce weight loss.

But it doesn't always. Thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, chronic stress, and past traumas that lead to emotional eating (to name a few) can all play a part in sabotaging weight loss efforts.

For help identifying health issues and triggers preventing your weight loss success, reach out to me. I can help. A current client has lost over 30 pounds. She's 82!

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