Who am I and WHY am I doing this ...

 (instead of binge-watching Netflix or playing Minecraft)

... you may ask?  

Hi!  I'm Missy.  I'm a Certified Transformation Coach and Certified Hormone Coach.

I've had a lifetime of stress- starting in childhood that affected every area of my life.  I didn't know

how to handle stress- especially the chronic on-going stress that seemed to follow me from childhood, into my teen years, first marriage, and raising my children as a single mother while caring for a disabled mom and on and on and on.

All that stress -- but especially -- my reaction to it led to numerous health issues that evidently left me overweight, bed-ridden from fatigue, and battling numerous health issues.

Health conditions like- hypothyroidism (or low thyroid function) which caused rapid weight gain, chronic fatigue, and hair loss.  I was prediabetic.  Had pre-hypertension and high cholesterol.  Evidently I had even more health issues like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.


My big AH-HA moment- or my turn pointing - was many years ago.


When my thyroid first started to decline...  I rapidly packed on weight and got up to 197 lbs (from 140 lbs) and a size 16 (from a size 8). 


When I woke one morning to find my size 16 PJs were too tight.   I knew I had to finally take a good look at my life and make changes.  Real lasting healthy changes.

So I became an expert on stress for my own sake.  Later, I went back to school to learn even more and so I could help other people.

Now, it's my mission to help others restore their health and reclaim their life.


Meeting my clients where they are and guiding them to where they want to be in an easy low-stress way.

It all starts with a complimentary Getting to Know You Discovery call. 


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  • Certified Transformation Nutrition Coach, Institue of Transformational Nutrition

  • Certified Hormone Specialist, Institue of Transformational Nutrition

  • Various continuing education credits in Immunology and the Microbiome

  • Dirty Genes Course: Foundations of Health, Seeking Health

  • Functional Nutrition, Functional Nutrition Alliance 

  • Licensed in 13 states in Life, Health and Legal Insurance

  • Business Administration, B.S., University of Phoenix

  • Office Administration, A.S., Chattanooga State Comm. College

  • Prayer ministry training, Ft.O UMC