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Helping women enjoy their life by teaching them how to conquer stress and heal emotional pain so they can feel calm, confident, and whole again.

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Support for any resistance that pushes back on moving forward

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I've heard your SOS.

 I've created tools you can use to -- Stress Less -- (take control of what’s stressing you out) and enjoy your life.

It’s time you stop setting yourself up for failure by sabotaging your efforts.

You bring the willingness, expectancy, and commitment. 

(A big dose of determination would be great too.)



Ocean Rocks

Liz F.

"Missy is everything I wanted in a health coach.  She's far more knowledgeable than the average health coach and she provides a comprehensive, well-rounded program that includes areas that I wasn't addressing.


Emily K.

"Missy has been such a joy to work with.... every interaction we had I felt restored and ready to conquer my goals.   Not only does she help in practical ways, but she helps you deal with any emotional stressors."

Cute Notebooks

Vicki R.

"Working with Missy was very eye-opening to me.  I now see the areas I need to work on.  It uncovered glaring issues I would have never pinpointed."


"After years of struggling with my own health crisis, I went back to school and studied nutrition, psychology, and the science of healing. 

I'm actively restoring my health and helping others do the same.  Check out my self-guided products and my coach-assisted programs."

- Missy Rankin, CTNC, CHS

Certified Transformation Coach

Certified Hormone Specialist

"Heal the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to the future."    

- Missy Rankin, CTNC, CHC

Stress Less SOS

7-Day Email Course

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You CAN take back your life from the negative effects of stress, anxiety, or emotional pain.  ​

  • From the dis-ease

  • From the racing heart

  • From the inability to fall or stay asleep     

  • From the mind that is constantly replaying the past

  • and other symptoms of chronic stress.


The healing journey starts with one step.


Take that first step by signing up for this super simple 7-day email course that will walk you through the powerfully effective fundamentals for taking your life back from what's stressing you.


“It is not what we do occasionally that brings victory in our lives, but what we do consistently and diligently. A little obedience mixed with a lot of disobedience still equals an unpleasant life.”

– Joyce Meyer

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